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AirWheel has been dubed as the UK's alternative transportation device. Read a summery of the article below. 


More than 16 million of us commute by car to work every day with the average driver spending 124 hours annually stuck in gridlock. A report by the Centre For Business and Economic Research warns that increased congestion will cost the UK economy £307 billion by 2030 - but - there’s a personal cost too.

Radical new plans to get our transport systems back on track include high speed railways, super cycle highways and even driverless vehicles will start test runs in the New Year. Tonight investigates what’s wrong with our transport systems and what future travel options could be.


There are now 29 million cars on the roads in the UK - over a third more than there were 20 years ago. When cars became king, public transport took a back seat. Tonight speaks to experts about some of the radical transport reforms that were introduced and whether they have worked.


We follow 3 different journey options with our commuter from Liverpool, Richard, to see whether any other route choices available to him would encourage him to give up his car and travel the 32 miles to work on an alternative mode of transport.


We go to Heathrow airport to try out some of the exciting new technology on four wheels and have a go on an Airwheel (with just two or even one wheel!) which is helping us to whizz around from A-B more quickly. We speak to the Government about why they are backing the testing of driverless cars on our roads from early 2015 and ask questions of how they are supposed to ease congestion by keeping traffic flowing and are they safe?


We hear from the public about what they think of our current transport system and of some of the new future innovative ideas for solving congestion that being put forward, like the Sky Cycle, an elevated cycle path proposal from East London into the city centre.


We visit a primary school in St Helens which has literally taken steps to find an effective yet simple solution to ease the problem of the school run congestion by introducing a walking school bus.

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