Airwheel Z8

Z8 small wheels electric scooter is extremely portable with colorful appearances, adjustable operating rod, 3M reflector and 150W hub motor.

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Battery Capacity: 81.4Wh
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$ 399.00

Customer reviews

Mary Aranas
I really like this scooter. It’s really fun & easy to ride.I am using in San Francisco streets which are not so smooth roads but it has been a great work so far. I have been trying to decide which scooter I should go with more than 2 weeks and finally decide to get this and very happy with my decision.
Jamal Robinson
This scooter does exactly what the company says it will! It’s light, it’s fast, it’s convienent, and it gets me where I need to go. I am a college student and my classes are relatively far apart. This scooter gets me around all day. So far so good! I like the smooth speed to it. Haven’t really seen how the battery last on a full charge and run it dry. But I like the ride so far. Very impressed! Great product and great seller.
Calvin Bryan
Bought this for my daughter for getting around her college campus,?This is the perfect size for that and obviously since it folds up (very easily) she can take it into class with her and not worry about it getting stolen. And it charges very quickly.
It is very well engineered and has a very sporty look. I never thought I would be riding a scooter at my age but Airwheel Z8 makes the experience very enjoyable. I highly recommend it for the adult looking for a "cool" scooter to perhaps share some quality time with their kids or even just for basic transportation. This is a nice quality product which I am proud to own.
The scooter is very well built, very sturdy. I absolutely love the folding mechanism, you push a lever; that is it and it automatically locks. The handle bars can be adjusted to any height, no preset heights! Excellent wheel bearings.
I am very impressed with this scooter. Reason for purchasing was because I grew tired of schlepping my bike onto the subways. Wanted something that was compact and suitable for adults. I am ecstatic that when folded, it fits discretely into my adidas duffle bag with only the handle bars hanging out.
Bradley Smith
Supreme present for my son, he’s going to drop his PS4.
Julie La
I may only ride it for a while, I’m growing fast, soon will leave it to my younger sister. I think it already belonged to her.
Kristoffer Gray
Tiny, but enough power to scoot. Didn’t let me down.
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