Airwheel Z5

Z5 standing up electric scooter adds USB port to its replaceable battery and dual shock mitigation systems make it conquer various road conditions.

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Battery Capacity: 162.8Wh
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$ 599.00

Customer reviews

Jenya Thorn
Great electric Scooter. I have a 2-mile commute to the train station. This just does exactly what I needed to do. It gets me from Point A to Point B in style. It weighs roughly 35-40 lbs, enough so that I can carry into the train station. The wheels are real tires, rubberized and filled with air, making for a smooth ride. The one thing that surprised me the most is the speed. It’s really fast. For getting to the train station, it works really well for me and would highly recommend it.
This product is very stylish and transportable.Nice and really cool,Real fast and easy carry.
Bought this for my daughter for getting around her college campus, especially when she has to get across campus in ten minutes. There are a lot of bikes on campus, and she didn’t want have to deal with finding a place to lock it up everywhere she goes. This is the perfect size for that and obviously since it folds up (very easily) she can take it into class with her and not worry about it getting stolen.
Great scooter, a lot of fun to ride. It’s super whisper QUIET riding. It clicks and folds so easily yet holds strong when locked. It stands great on its kickstand. It accelerates so easily and it goes up and down the grades and slopes of Murray Hill where I live! I LOVE the ultra-bright headlight that I can click on or off! I put a little bell on it, and I might add a decal for a rear reflector, but that’s about it! Perfect!
I bought my Airwheel to commute to office from my house. I was hesitant to purchase, but I thought why not? What could happen? Well, everything I thought would go wrong didn’t. I have been very happy with my Airwheel Z5. The power is strong, the speed is good, and the durability is amazing. But, it needs a different reflector on the back. Overall this scooter is great and I would buy another one if necessary.
Katherine Mahoney
I’d like to be faster, but I know it can be dangerous. It has already absorb of lot shock, makes me feel slow.
Larry Brown
Interesting feeling, you can stand on it just like the position you stand on the floor.
Ryan McLean
All you need is to rotate the accelerator, save your slow kick.
Preston Lee
This product is very stylish and transportable. I like the fact that I can ride up to any building and collapse the scooter into transportable mode. The battery hold a nice charge and I can travel at least 10-12 miles on a single charge. I've used this device to commute to work, it definitely fits the bill. The charge time is usually within 2 hours which is amazing for turnaround time.
William Reynolds
This is a great electric scooter on smooth pavement only. Riding on any slightly rough surface is definitely not advised. Other than that, this is a great scooter. The app is great and lets you adjust the gears with your smartphone. I love that the batter can be removed for convenient charging. Also, the folding features are really great. A very convenient scooter. But again, keep it on smooth surfaces!
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