Airwheel M3

M3 electric skateboard equipped with 2.4G remote control, four bigger tires with stronger grip ability, DIY, strengthened shock absorption and magnetic levitation motor.

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Battery Capacity: 162.8Wh
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$ 648.00

Customer reviews

Christian Chouchani
Great product, just got the other day and its such a blast! The one I got is couple years old and there are no issues what so ever. There is a switch inside the remote that will allow it to go to 28km/h instead of 20km/h. Not many people know this but it's differently a noticeable difference. The drive wheel in the back will eventually get worn out, however, you can just rotate the wheels and you shouldn't have any issues.
Good product.?it's fast, and it has a great range.This board is great for its price, and I had fun cruising on it for short distance,it works well. This was a birthday present for my son and he uses it every day!! Loves it!
Tim Bright
Fast shipping!! Fun toy!! Goes faster than I thought it would. I like surfing and snowboarding and this actually allows you to carve corners just like snowboarding. Pure pleasure! I ride this to work and back everyday that it doesn't rain. I never was a skateboarder, but this device is more than a simple toy.
I’ve had this board for 1 week and it is so fun. If this is your first board it feels so fast so don’t worry about the speed. Glad i made this purchase.
Incredible. I love it. PLEASE BE SAFE! It is imperative that anyone interested in buying this product be fully aware of the dangers of riding. Always wear protective gear (I try to always wear a good set of knee and elbow pads and wear my helmet like 90% of the time - which is not good enough, but you have to try if you’re a beginner!).
Words can’t describe the freedom, fun, and thrill while riding Airwheel M3.
Jen Olson
big toy, very strong, played one afternoon, feel too high.
Sara Nester
charging quickly, distance endurance less than 15km, nice looking
Neil Thomas
it’s heavy, yet beautiful design from the bottom, be careful of the acceleration.
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